The technology world, the business world, the education world, the media world… it’s not one but many worlds we live in. We do our part to improve each one in a systematic, customized way. From mobile apps to educational programs, we craft anything & everything for like-minded individuals, businesses and countries.


Only world-class professionals inhabit Lambda. The ability to develop an innovative app, design a breathtaking logo, or write a compelling headline…our talent takes many forms.

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Caring and committed; that’s what we are. We consider it our responsibility to innovate for humanity’s betterment. The adage “attitude is altitude” drives our excellence.


Creativity is high, overheads are low. The lean business model keeps us efficient, competitive and unique. these qualities rub off on
our clients.

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Our Philosophy

Great accomplishments require bold thinking. Life is short, so why not go as big as possible? We aim for the stars and embrace failure. Pushing the limits is the only way to discover the true potential of our work.

The age of empires is taught in history books. Yet today we still live in an age of empires, albeit of a different kind. Instead of national empires forged by kings and expanded through wars, the empires of today are commercial in nature.

Business empires; conceived, built and enhanced by entrepreneurs from all walks of life, are among the most powerful entities existing today. In addition to being capable and resourceful, these corporate citizens should also have character, principles and integrity.

Only the high caliber (in every regard) of these entities can improve our world and that is what Lambda aspires to do.

Since businesses can play an influential role in creating a better world, we believe it’s their responsibility to do exactly that. While a business or company is primarily defined by its function of generating profit, we believe it also has a fundamental obligation to solve the problems of our world.


“We Care”

A simple sentiment, which speaks the truth and sums up our outlook. Whether it’s the way we work or the types of products we build, our compassion permeates every aspect of Lambda.

The Right Tools

Caring alone cannot bring our desired change. It’s only when nerve and knowledge are combined that real & lasting change is possible. That is why we spend considerable time improving our skills and technological prowess.

Our Unique 4-D Model

Discover + Design + Develop + Deliver

1. Discover

We get inside our clients’ heads. Instead of rushing to design and development, we focus on discovering exactly what it is that our clients need. This discovery is the basis of all things wonderful that follow - the best products, the best services, the best programs…everything.

2. Design

4. Deliver

3. Develop



Objective-based Design, our repeatable and scalable process

Identifying friction in your user journey is important, but it’s only one step in the process. After working with you to validate your user’s pain points, our team of strategists, designers, and developers operate alongside your team developing strategies to achieve your business objectives.

1. Research

The foundation of great design lies in properly understanding who we’re creating for. Typically, the first month of our engagement is spent gathering information about your business and users through quantitative and qualitative data. We use this information to create an objective and identify metrics to measure our progress.

2. Design

Regardless of what we are creating, we design it meticulously. We use wireframes, storyboards and other methods to fashion the overall look & feel of the deliverable. Our gifted and experienced designers create several concepts, moving on to development after client approval.

3. Develop

The “why” and “what” of the project are now clearly defined. In the development phase we focus on the “how”. The approved concepts and blueprints are now used to develop the solution/content. All the latest and relevant frameworks & tools are utilized by our talented teams for superior development.

4. Deliver

We don’t sign our work until we’re satisfied with the quality of the final deliverable. Only after thorough internal Quality Assurance (QA) do we deliver what we have so carefully discovered, designed and developed.

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